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A Beacon Of Hope For The Insurance Industry

For insurance companies looking to hedge their bets should billions of dollars worth of destruction not come to fruition by the end of hurricane season, a new way to benefit from pain and suffering is emerging. After Tom Brady went down last year, the natural reaction for most football fans wasn't 'I hope the injury isn't serious' or 'I hope he makes it back soon', it was 'I am so happy he wasn't on my fantasy team'. However, for those who had the top pick last year and got hosed by Tom's leg, you can rest a bit easier this year. Several companies are now offering insurance for fantasy football picks.

If any of the stipulated top 50 players go down for a significant part of the season, and you've paid for their insurance, Fantasy Sports Insurance will pay your entry fee back. In order to collect, you have to select a player (one policy allows you to group three players), pay the insurance -- roughly 10 percent of your entry fee -- and watch that player miss roughly two-thirds of the games with an injury

Now when you see one of your picks writhing around in pain from some cheap shot to the knees, you can breathe a sigh of relief. His career may be over and he may never be able to walk right again, but you'll get your entry fee back.