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Adventures In Monopoly Money

Once worth more than the US Dollar, the undisputed king of high denomination currencies, the Zimbabwean dollar is fighting for its life. The country's finance minister, Tendai Biti, is trying to end the era of one of the few currencies that had to adjust the font size on its notes to accommodate the number of zeroes.

"We are putting the tombstone on the corpse of the Zimbabwe dollar," Biti told lawmakers in a midyear fiscal policy statement. In a speech to business leaders, he said, "We are no longer printing our own money."

Still, there are some individuals determined to use their last three trillion to ride the bus and avoid using non-trillion denominated currencies such as the USD and ZAR. While the currency may be reaching multi-year highs based on eBay sale prices, there is one individual in particular who sees a role for the currency beyond a collector's item.

President Robert Mugabe has called for the return of the Zimdollar as legal tender, complaining that most Zimbabweans lack the hard currency needed to buy basic goods.

Basic goods like the wheelbarrows needed to transport enough cash to buy anything other than a bus pass.