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AIG Chief Benmosche: Bathroom Fixtures Are The Ultimate Panty-Dropper

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As previously mentioned, shortly after taking Ed Liddy's job off his hands, new AIG head Robert Benmosche popped over to his Croatian villa for a little vacay. When could we expect Bobby back at the office some people wanted to know? Soon-ish! September 7th to be exact, as it'd be pretty ridiculous to come in right before Labor Day Weekend, when everyone is totally checked out anyway. Furthermore, he doesn't actually need to be in the office to get shit done, Benmosche told Reuters yesterday in an interview from his home overlooking the Adriatic. He also discussed some other stuff (namely tips for chick slaying), which we'll get into presently.
On working hard for the money, wherever, whenever:

"People criticise me for being on vacation. I actually started work a week before I was actually supposed to," he said. "I do have conference calls every day, I have all my information sent here. I can work here as well as in the office in New York."

On keeping him happy by making it rain, as he has offers of golden showers from a million other institutions coming out the ass:

The new AIG CEO is being paid more than his predecessor, Ed Liddy, who made just $1 a year. AIG said it will pay Benmosche $3 million in cash and $4 million in fully-vested stock. He also could receive a bonus valued as high as $3.5 million.
"It's the bottom end of a competitive range," he said, adding that he earned more previously and would be judged ultimately on his performance. "You still need to pay people competitively."

On not being afraid anymore:

"We have the ability. I know that I am telling people we are allowed to," he said. "What I don't know is if people (employees) are willing to. A lot of them feel hurt, embarrassed, a lot of people have lived in fear because of what I call lynch mobs with pitchforks."

And most importantly, on his bathrooms, and the bitches who love them:

He makes no apologies for his passion for Croatia, including his palatial villa with 12 bathrooms and his vineyards on the Peljesac Peninsula about a two hours drive north of Dubrovnik. Benmosche has no previous family links to Croatia; his ancestors hail from Lithuania and Poland. The room had an oversize wall-to-wall mirror, Jacuzzi, large glass-enclosed shower and plenty of natural light.
"Every bathroom is like a piece of art," he said while showing off his master bathroom with his wife Denise. "Women go wild when they walk in here."

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