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Anybody (Else) In Government Looking For A Prostitute?

As evidenced by Geithner's mini-meltdown on Friday, the stress and frustration levels of policymakers are starting to get close to the boiling point. But help is on the way to every member of the House and Senate as well as every governor. The Moonlight BunnyRanch is sending out "good time party passes" to our nation's lawmakers to help them forget the economic crisis and their spouses at the same time. Citing the collective works of Mark Sanford and The Spitz, BunnyRanch owner Dennis Hof explained the benefit of the brothel's stimulus plan.

"These men are good men who have gotten themselves into trouble and could have avoided all of this exploitation by visiting the BunnyRanch"

The BunnyRanch is also providing much needed relief for frustrated Californians by accepting IOUs. The full menu on offer to lawmakers who are now looking for flights to Reno follows after the jump.