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Barry Tannenbaum Has An Alibi

It looks like "the world's leading risk consulting company" was about as helpful as global financial regulators in identifying elite Ponziers. In addition to giving Sir Allen's empire a clean bill of health, investigators at Kroll viewed Barry Tannenbaum and his surefire HIV antiretroviral investment scheme in a "very positive light" in their 2007 report. With promised quarterly returns of 15% making it through the fraud filters, the two thumbs up from Kroll helped more investors get in on BT's golden touch. While the crew at Kroll may be licking their wounds for showing the risks of risk consultants to the world, there is one person who'd like to buy Team Kroll a round or two.

"The accusation of me running a Ponzi Scheme is unfounded and drivel. I was not running a Ponzi scheme at all...Thank goodness there is, at last, someone who believes that I am not all evil," Tannenbaum said

Once the inevitable happens and Kroll gets sued for missing the boat on this one, Barry may have to reconsider his perceived evil quotient.
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