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Charlie Gasparino Would Like You To Meet Him At Manhattan's Premier Gay Club Tonight

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Earlier this afternoon I got thinking about the fact that I should blow out of this place a little early today, which I'll be doing shortly, which got me thinking about the weekend. Then I started wondering what your favorite Rego Park born and bred journalist might have planned for himself, and decided to get him on the horn and find out. Thank god I did! 'Cause he's got a message for all of you I've been asked to pass on. Chaz will be partying with his pal "Eddie" tonight (the same Eddie CG insists I remind you owns a family-run chain of gay strip clubs and was supposed to attend our dinner but was a no-show), at some place called Marie's Crisis Cafe. He'd love for you to come out! After recovering from what will likely be an epic night, Gaspo says he's going to keep it low-key. "I'll be out in Connecticut this weekend," Chazza told us, probably mixing drinks. "I'm gonna sit in my back yard, drink martinis out of a plastic glass, and read my book. At some point I'll go for a run, and later, I'll throw some steaks on the grill." If that sounds like something you'd be interested, he'd love for you to join, if not, go fuck yourself, Hoss. CG doubts you've got anything better lined up.


Charlie Gasparino Likes Billions Again

Presumably this means he is again interested in a cameo on the show.