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Chris Dodd Prepares For The Beard

Now that the Senate Ethics Committee has opined that Chris Dodd's status as a VIP friend of A-Moz and associated discounts does not violate the moral high road, the Senate Banking Committee Chairman can get back to his bread and butter- playing Monday morning quarterback for the financial crisis. The Countrywide circle of trust member now wants to make it known that the Beard can expect a "thorough and comprehensive" renomination hearing during which Dodd will prominently display his ability to recount revisionist history.

I still have serious concerns about the Federal Reserve's failure to protect consumers and I strongly believe these responsibilities should go to an independent consumer financial protection agency," Dodd said in a statement...Dodd said reappointing Bernanke was "probably the right choice," although he believed the Fed chairman had been too slow to act during the early stages of the financial crisis.

The Beard actually may have been a bit slow on the trigger. Had he been faster, BB might have been able to avert the likes of Countrywide from engaging in dubious lending and modification practices and force certain senators to go elsewhere for taxpayer funded freebies.