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Dating The End Of The Recession

You'll know the recession is over when you actually hear the words your waitress is saying and stop thinking about what you would do to her. That is the basic premise behind the new leading economic indicator, the Hot Waitress Index, developed by Hugo Lindgren. With the recession taking its toll on the usual enclaves of aesthetically gifted females, many of them are trying to make ends meet by leveraging their looks with bars and restaurants desperate to stay in business.

A waitress at one Lower East Side club described... what happened there: "They slowly let the boys go, then the less attractive girls, and then these hot girls appeared out of nowhere. All in the hope of bringing in more business. The managers even admitted it. These hot girls that once thrived on the generosity of their friends in the scene for hookups--hosting events, marketing brands, modeling--are now hunting for work."

So if you're sitting at a bar or club trying to imagine your waitress with more clothes on instead of off, the green shoots are blooming.
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