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Dealers Just Can't Catch A Break

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is shocked, shocked to discover that misleading advertising is going on in here.
Sell too few cars? Get dropped. Sell too many? Get dropped. Turn around and start issuing misleading advertising

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo today told 40 auto dealers across the state to stop issuing misleading advertisements for the Federal Car Allowance Rebate System, known as "cash for clunkers."
The government-funded clunkers program, which seeks to boost the economy, allows dealers to credit $3,500 or $4,500 for trade-ins that may be worth less. Dealers' ads mislead consumers into believing that their trade-in vehicle qualifies for the program when it does not or that they are eligible for a several-thousand-dollar rebate, Cuomo said in a statement today.

Next thing you know they will want to eliminate introductory or teaser rate financing!
Cuomo Tells Dealers to Stop Deceptive Clunkers Ads [Bloomberg]