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Dedication- The AIG Way

Successfully navigating a bailout company back to the land living is a tiring business. Long hours are spent carefully deciding what move to make next. There is an sense of dedication and urgency that permeates executive offices. Unless of course you're the new CEO of AIG. Completely spent from his first day at the helm of the bailout poster child, Robert Benmosche will soon be heading to his Croatian villa for two weeks or so of well deserved R&R. But before judging his actions too quickly, the newest member of the 'he did WHAT club' wants you to remember just how sweet his place on the Adriatic is.

"It's breathtaking -- you couldn't find anything like this anywhere else," Benmosche told Forbes. "I'm an hour's flight to most places in Europe and a ferry ride across the Adriatic to Italy."

Maxine, how would you like to take one of those new planes and kick off your CFPA tour on the Dalmatian Coast?