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Dodd Just As Entitled To Private, VIP American Dream Of Home Ownership As Towns, Damnit!

The Senate Ethics Panel says so. So there. Ok, they had some other notes to add too, but no one is trying to take the Dream away. No one:

But in absolving Mr. Dodd, the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, the Senate Select Committee on ethics said he should have shown better judgment in order to avoid the appearance of wrongdoing.
"Once you became aware that your loans were in fact being handled through a program with the name 'V.I.P.' that should have raised red flags for you," the panel said in a letter to Mr. Dodd dated Friday.

You would think the panel, obviously having not seen Mr. Dodd's wide collection of VIP emblazoned Hello Kitty coffee mugs, would realize that the reverse is true. If Doddie isn't immediately granted complimentary admission into the rarest, most exclusive, super-premium, product/service category the vendor (any vendor) offers,
the Subcommittees on Western Hemisphere, Peace Corps, and Narcotics Affairs
get medieval on your ass.
Senate Ethics Panel Clears Dodd on Countrywide Loans [The Wall Street Journal]