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Exxon Has Some Issues With NYC

Maybe it's because more and more New Yorkers are using mass transit instead of driving. Or it could be payback for the Giants rolling past the Cowboys on the way to the Super Bowl a couple years ago. But whatever the reason is, Exxon is still on the hook for poisoning the Big Apple's groundwater.

The trial concerns six wells, five of which New York says are poisoned with MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether), in and near the Jamaica area of the Borough of Queens. The city says it wants to build a water- treatment plant there called Station 6 that will treat 10 million gallons a day.
Exxon lawyers argued during the trial that the city doesn't intend to build the water-treatment plant, and that the six wells were turned off and unusable because of contaminants other than MTBE.

Other contaminants? What other contaminants could possibly be in the crystalline waters off of Queens?

The groundwater contains pharmaceutical and human waste, dry-cleaning fluid from a company once located near the site, and 70,000 gallons of diesel fuel spill at a nearby bus depot

Well, at least there's no dispute the water sample was authentic.
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