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Federal Prosecutors May Let Andy And Mark Madoff Enjoy Labor Day Weekend

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Before indicting their asses! The Daily Beastreports that enough "hard evidence" has been compiled against the boys to convict them of possibly being in on the whole damn thing, though they (and their uncle Peter) won't hear anything official 'til after the holiday weekend. Which is nice, especially for the people of Nantucket, who rely on the the Madoff largesse. In other Ponzi Nation news, this happened:

"Bernie had a tremendous libido, like so many men in power," the source added. "He told me that Ruth just couldn't satisfy it. I suppose no one woman could. He had the habit of cozying up to potential female investors. He'd use a low kind of sexy voice and he'd say something like, 'Don't worry, I'll be there for you. You'll never have to worry.'"

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