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For Once, A Worthwhile Bailout

It has been a rough two years for the Celtic Tiger. Faced with a GDP contraction around 8.5% this year and unemployment headed towards 15%, there are more than enough reasons for the Irish to head to the pub and grab a pint of the Black Stuff and listen to some Christy Moore. But things are so bad on the Emerald Isle that people are foregoing this time honored tradition and pubs have fired close to 5,000 workers so far.

"Rural pubs seem to be suffering the most and those pubs which relied on tourism trade are also well down," Padraig Cribben, Chief Executive Officer of the VFI, said in the report. "We are now calling on the government to help us save the pub trade in Ireland."

Having seen countless head-scratching auto and bank bailouts around the world that drive most people to drink, the least the Irish government can do now is make sure people still have a place to do just that.
Irish Pub Closures Lead to 4,800 Job Losses, Report Shows [Bloomberg]