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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Herbicide For Green Shoots

How the hell are we supposed to mount a recovery if we can't grease a few palms here and there? And, if that isn't enough, keeping businesses honest abroad might create a split-world economy. Black and white. Bribery friendly, and otherwise.
Since bribery is such a complex and opaque topic, we decided to take a peek at the "Layperson's Guide to the FCPA," an abbreviated and simplified guide for... the layperson. With curt, to the point passages like:

A "domestic concern" is any individual who is a citizen, national, or resident of the United States, or any corporation, partnership, association, joint-stock company, business trust, unincorporated organization, or sole proprietorship which has its principal place of business in the United States, or which is organized under the laws of a State of the United States, or a territory, possession, or commonwealth of the United States.

...we are betting compliance is going to soar.
So are beltway types:

"The FCPA is the benchmark for where we think other governments should be," says Nancy Boswell, president of anti-bribery group Transparency International-USA, based in Washington. "What's essential is consistent, concerted action by all exporting nations to enforce bribery prohibition."

Next up: World peace.

In Antibribery Law, Some Fear Inadvertent Chill on Business
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