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Former Lehman Brothers President Wants His God Damn Money

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Richard Fuld was allegedly spotted climbing down the side of the Barclays building on 7th Avenue yesterday "using his dick as a substitute for rope" but it is Joe Gregory who's gunning for the title Lehman Alum With The Biggest Balls (in addition to going for gold in the Brothers annual Lewis Black lookalike contest) on the eve of LEH going down for the dirt nap. Hombre has filed a claim against Lehman's bankruptcy estate requesting $233 million in deferred compensation. Shoot it out of one of those tee-shirt guns, stick it in a bunch of garbage bags, or have Dick Fuld deliver it wearing a French Maid costume, just get the guy his money. He left that place in June, and shouldn't be held accountable for the failures of others. Thank you and good night. (For those of you looking to top this, the bankruptcy court will be accepting claims from creditors until September 22. Let's see your clippers.)


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"We are proud to announce Lehman's exit from chapter 11 and entrance into the final stage of this process -- distributions to creditors. Our objective remains to provide the best results possible for creditors -- by continuing to strategically position assets to produce strong values, to pursue the resolution of disputed claims and other matters in litigation, and to manage expenses in line with the asset disposition process," said John Suckow, who is managing director with bankruptcy adviser Alvarez & Marsal and Lehman's president and COO. Suckow also thanked Lehman employees for working "diligently" since the bank's collapse in September 2008 to reach the milestone. [NYP]