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FTC Announces Three Month Free For All

If you're in the business of oil market manipulation, the FTC wants you to know that you have a 3 month grace period to get all of the gaming juices out of your system before your costs of doing business go up. Starting November 4th, if you fall into one of the FTC's new booby traps, they'll come after you for up to $1 million/day.

"This new rule will allow us to crack down on fraud and manipulation that can drive up prices at the pump," FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said in a written statement. "We will police the oil markets -- and if we find companies that are manipulating the markets, we will go after them."

So the message is clear- if you're trying to get into the oil market manipulation game, you've got one quarter's worth of penalty-free trial and error time; after that, you better be right.