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Green Shoot Of The Day: Labor Shortage In The Golf World

Labor markets must really be improving. Who knew that downward tick in the unemployment rate last month would put so much global pressure on higher-end establishments such as golf courses to find available workers? But clearly we are in for better times as four former residents of the lovely residence facility in Guantanamo Bay have scored an upgrade and wound up with a summer job most people would kill for.
Following their time in Cuba. the four members of China's Muslim Uighur minority are now almost two months into a four month stint working at the Port Royal Golf Course in Bermuda. Faced with the rapid departure of a group of Filipino workers, Wendall Brown, chairman of the board of trustees for Bermuda's public golf courses, started the work visa process by describing how the clan possessed all of the special skills required to work in a British colony.

"They have been offered a temporary position at Port Royal until the Grand Slam," he said. "There are still special projects that we need to do like cleaning up and beautifying the course ... All four of them have been given a job there. It's on a temporary basis. Two of them speak fairly good English."

The timing couldn't be better for these guys as once they finish summering in BDA they can make their way to British Columbia for their winter jobs as heli-skiing guides in the Selkirks.