Greenwich-Area "Financial Titan" Screwed By Dr. Phil


Remember Stephen Dent, the DuPont heir who got worked over by a tag team prostitute/pimp married couple after he met the wife on a straight and narrow website called He probably would've gotten fucked sooner or later even without the assistance of a bald TV psychologist (Dent was a regular on, and also kind of an idiot who regularly sent money to women he met online) but apparently it was Dr. P who sped things up a bit, after tipping off Dawn (left) and Christopher Jessop as to where they could find a treasure trove of suckers.

In an interview with police, Christopher Jessop, 30, of Mansfield, Ohio, called himself the mastermind of the scheme that successfully bilked 54-year-old Dent out of more than $200,000. Jessop said he came up with the idea after watching a segment on "Dr. Phil" that detailed the sugar daddy dating site
"I was like, baby, you know, get on the computer and see what this is about," said Mr. Jessop, detailing a conversation he had with his wife, Dawn Jessop, to Greenwich detectives in a March 19 jailhouse interview. "The next thing I know, I mean, these rich guys are just sending us money for nothing...just conversations over e-mail."

Although the Jessops obtained money from other wealthy men on the Website, the Jessops told police they only blackmailed Dent.
"We came across Stephen Dent, and he was into some pretty weird stuff," Christopher Jessop said to detectives. "He turned out just to be a gold mine to us."