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Handbridge Capital Swag: Coming to a Rack Near You

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You probably didn't realize it at the time, but on July 2, the world changed. It was on that afternoon, just after we'd slapped up a picture of Amanda Drury sporting aggressive amounts of cleave, that a Dealbreaker reader asked, "you think they're big enough to TF? Looks like she might need to use the hand bridge." Though he was posting under "guest," his name was NakedShort, and he'd just injected the HB into Dealbreaker vernacular. Then, several weeks later, as we discussed the abomination that was FashionMeetsFinance, and the scandal taking place re: its guest list, another one of your own RSVP'ed to the event listing his company as Handbridge Capital. Today, Naked took it on home. The above image is currently being tweaked (the T's will be slightly smaller, as they currently do not require an HB to TF, and we strive for accuracy above all things), but it will be up for grabs very soon, possibly as early as tomorrow. But first we need a tagline, and we need you to give it to us. Do your worst.