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Hank, Is That You? It's Me, Lloyd

Goldman conspiracy theorists must be rejoicing at reports that Hammerin Hank was frequently on the Batphone to GS headquarters during the fun and games of last September. Demonstrating that Goldman alumni in government can play by the rules, HP even went through the formality of getting the required waver before picking up the phone and dialing Lloyd's digits. Among the things Mad Max just knows went on include Paulson getting the final tally for how much in bailout funds AIG needed to make GS whole and how Goldman would fare if MS lost a game of bankruptcy chicken on Lehman's heels.

Paulson's spokeswoman Michele Davis confirmed the telephone conversations with Blankfein took place but denied Paulson had any intention of helping Goldman specifically.
"Suggesting that AIG was saved for the sake of one firm is as ridiculous as saying firemen put out a fire in a skyscraper to protect just one of the thousands of people in the building," Davis said in a statement.

When the fire chief used to have the corner office in that skyscraper, anything is possible.


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