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He Was Wearing My Harvard Tie. Can You Believe It?

Poor, poverty-stricken Harvard. Gazing at 30% losses for their latest fiscal year and the tatters of a management team for the endowment, it is unsurprising that they would start trying to fill the ranks. You have to like their chances. It would be pretty hard to look all that bad given the endowment's recent performance, though we have confidence that the new recruits will give it their full effort.

Harvard Management Co., manager of the nation's largest college endowment, said it hired a new equity portfolio manager from New York-based hedge-fund firm Caxton Associates.
Emil Dabora, who specialized in event-driven investments at Caxton, is the second recent hire by Harvard Management.

Why are we suddenly reminded of Where Eagles Dare?
Harvard Hires New Equity Portfolio Manager [The Wall Street Journal]



Harvard Admits That Harvard Sucks At Managing Harvard's Money

In a blow to metaphysical obnoxiousness, the phrase "I'm a hedge fund manager at Harvard" is now obsolete.