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I'm posting the above spread, to be consumed in 7 hours (by 4PM CST) an analyst at an unnamed firm in Chicago not because I support it but because there is nothing else going on and I made some poor decisions last night that are making this morning a bit rough. In truth, I've grown weary of the day long endeavors to consume 5 cookies and a bag of chips. Not challenges in general, but the pussification of something that started out so right. If you're going to do snacks, you get an hour. If you're not working against time, then you should eating something disgusting, or that demonstrates marginal creativity. I'll keep you posted on this last one, but only because it's being subsidized by Ken Griffin. Moving forward, give me something good or nothing at all.
Update: "14 down, most of the heavy stuff is done, taking some time to settle and then attacking the light stuff."
Update II: 24 items done. Challenger says, "I'm going to explode. The picture really doesn't do any justice to the difficulty of this task."
Update III: Hour and 45 to go, 13 items left, 8,000 calories down. "Vision is blurry and equilibrium is off a bit."
Update IV: "Couldn't finish Oreos, popcorn, pretzels and potato skins. Overall 9,000 calories in 7 hours. But had to throw in the towel. It's worth mentioning that each item left had been opened and partially eaten."


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