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If Your Coke Smells A Little Oily, Now You Know Why

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One sort of expects the phrases "smuggling" "drug cartel" "corruption" to include the word "Mexico" as well. Until now the addition of "oil smuggling" wasn't really the sort of thing you expected. Until now.

The U.S. government is investigating whether several U.S. companies took part in a cross-border scheme to siphon oil products from Mexico's state oil company and smuggle them across the border.
The probe is part of a broader two-year joint U.S.-Mexican investigation into a network of Mexican oil smugglers supported by the Gulf drug cartel, one of Mexico's most powerful and brutal criminal organizations.

What really interests us, however, is how many U.S. based drug smuggling operations may have violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act while dealing with crooked executives at Petroleos Mexicanos.
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