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It's Game Time Primerica

It seems like only yesterday Elijah Cummings was losing his mind after he found out about AIG's little field trip to the St. Regis Monarch Beach. Bailed out companies were not supposed to be taking Joe the Plumber's tax dollars and using them on bottles of Dom delivered to beachfront cabanas. But that was in a different time, a different era. In today's recovery, it's game on- or at least Primerica seems to think so.
After canceling performance-based giveaways for their top earners in February, this proud part of the Citigroup family is now offering 400 trips to Maui and another 1100 to Caesar's Palace in Vegas to their top earners as a little added incentive. So get ready to sell people! And to help you kick things off, allow us to take you back to a better time.