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It's The FSA's Way Or The Highway

When not tending to its duty as financial regulator, the FSA is busy playing the HR game. Figuring that who better than a regulator would know the hallmarks of senior executive success, the FSA has been busy administering competency tests to prospective C-suite candidates. Since they started deciding whether applicants had the "necessary skills, experience and integrity" to fulfill their potential duties back in October of last year, 15 of the 174 individuals under consideration for positions close to the top of the totem pole withdrew their names before a decision had been made and 12 of the 15 pulled out after the initial encounter with the FSA.

The FSA said: "In a number of cases, applications for senior roles have been withdrawn following interviews that raised questions concerning the candidate's competence."

Given some of the FSA's recent initiatives, one hopes this will be a 360-degree review process.
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