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Job Creation George Costanza Would Be Proud Of

When the government is not looking to shell out over half a billion on new planes, it is digging deep to find the resources to create new job posts reminiscent of the Assistant to the Traveling Secretary. New York Democratic Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, who spent the better part of this summer hopping back and forth over the aisle to land better and better leadership positions must have beamed with pride when the newly rejuvenated job market landed his son a newly created $120,000/yr job as the Senate liaison between governments. The position seeks to bridge the frequently cited chasm between Democratic senators and elected officials from New York City and Washington- who happen to be predominately Democrat.

"Let me make it unequivocally clear that this is not the result of a quid pro quo or a contingency to my ending the Senate stalemate," Mr. Espada said. "He has been expressing a desire to return to government service in some capacity and saw this opportunity. I encouraged him to pursue it. That was the extent of my involvement."

Son of Key Figure in N.Y. Senate Coup Gets Job in Chamber [WSJ]