Light The Arrows!


How'd you like to get this on your "360 Review?":

Citigroup "did not manage its business in such a manner as to provide the level of service and security necessary for any security broker and the plaintiff to attract and/or retain clients," he wrote. The bank was "unstable, mismanaged and not a secure place for" his clients, "as can be seen from the value of defendant's stock today."

Ah, hindsight is 20-20. Nay?
Sure, this missive issued from a member of the Plaintiff's bar, but you just have to like an article that manages to cut Castle Vikula's supply line, lay a devastating siege and begin tunneling under the north wall all in about three sentences.
Citigroup Sued Over Signing-Bonus Loans by Broker [Bloomberg]



The President Is Just Doing Some Light Securities Fraud

And sources are reportedly saying that he'll lay off the heavier stuff.