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Lloyd Blankfein Can't Believe You Took That Taibbi Article Seriously

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In a new article over at Time, William Cohan discusses the whole vampire squid thing with Li'l Blanks. Sayeth LB: "Oddly enough, the Rolling Stone article tapped into something. I saw it as gonzo, over-the-top writing that some people might find fun to read. I was shocked that others saw it as being supporting evidence that Goldman Sachs had burned down the Reichstag, shot the Archduke Ferdinand and fired on Fort Sumter." They then go on to discuss Goldman playa hatas in general, LB's gold-plated scrot, etc, which is all well and good but what we're interested in is what in the hell this about:

Blankfein also developed some pretty bad habits. Once upon a time, he smoked two to three packs of cigarettes a day. He was overweight. He often dressed inappropriately or ostentatiously. And he had a love of gambling in Las Vegas.

The cigs, fine, the gambling, who cares, and the extra lbs just mean more LB to go around. But inappropriate and ostentatious dressing? Those are pretty strong words to toss out there without a follow-up, especially when we're talking about a Jewish kid from the Bronx. What kind of a threads could he have possibly be sporting that would elicit such a description? Are we talking pimp canes? Or duds that would be most appropriate in Southern Connecticut, such as the ones at left, but wouldn't be considered inappropes so much as required? I need someone who knows to let me know.