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Meet The Vacation Czar

Maybe Ken Feinberg is looking at the wrong thing. If you believe in the Russian model, instead of being gatekeeper to executive compensation, he should be determining if and when the likes of Vikula and Kenny boy have done enough to spend some time away from the office.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday gave VTB head Andrei Kostin permission to take a week's vacation after the banker said he was on track to meet and surpass an order to boost the lender's loan portfolio by 100 billion rubles ($3.14 billion) in three months.

Clearly Russia's unique forced lending program has yet to make it big over here. However, if the administration is serious about encouraging banks to lend, the prospect of KL sobbing about having to cancel his 2-weeker to the Boone's mothership in Modesto because BAC is still keeping the purse strings a bit too tight might just do the trick.
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