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Misguided Investment Banker Attributes Pals Being Broke/Not Idiots As Signs Of Maturity, Indication They've Become Hip To The Evil Of Drugs

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So I missed this earlier during our discussion of hard-up coke dealers cold-calling clients, but apparently the fact that one guy's friends and colleagues aren't buying drugs anymore because either they're unemployed and can't afford to do so or because those with jobs are being slightly more cautious and not blowing rails in the bathroom at work means everyone's a grown-up now, and has come to the conclusion that illegal substances = bad (blowing guys down at the Port Authority for a bump bad).

Damien, 27, who quit doing coke almost two years ago, has been contacted by three different cocaine dealers, all wanting his business, since June. "None of my friends mess with that anymore," Damien says, "It's like they grew up overnight when the banks died."

Do you note the proselytizing tone of voice here? The whole labeling of coke as "that stuff," i.e. that evil stuff that'll ruin your life if you don't quit it? There's obviously a negative connotation thing happening, and I don't think Damien's friends put that spin on it, I think he did. Factor in the detail that Damien quit two years ago way before "the banks died," and has been waiting been waiting for something like the fall of Western civilization to get his druggie off the yayo and over to his way of life and I think you'll be able to see what I'm getting at. I'm not entirely clear what it is but it has something to do with propaganda, and Damien being a prick and stuff like that.


Husband's Lack Of Interest In Recreating 50 Shades Of Grey Scenarios Straw That Broke The Camel's Back For British Banker

The couple is getting a quickie divorce that should be wrapped up shortly, if you know anyone both familiar with the plot lines and interested. The wife, a 41-year-old banker earning more than £400,000 a year, claims her husband’s ‘boring attitude’ to sex is evidence of ‘unreasonable behaviour’. In her grounds for divorce, filed at the High Court, she refers to the novel, which tells of the sadomasochistic affair between billionaire Christian Grey and naive student Anastasia Steele. The woman in the court case bought the raunchy book almost as soon as it was published last year and hoped it would encourage her husband to be more adventurous in bed. The wife’s solicitor, Amanda McAlister, a family law expert, believes the case is the first where the new phenomenon of ‘mummy porn’ has triggered a divorce. She said: ‘The woman had been reading the book and wanted to spice up her love life. ‘She thought their sex life had hit a rut – he never remembered Valentine’s Day and he never complimented her on her appearance. So she bought sexy underwear in an attempt to get her husband more involved. She said, “Let’s make things more interesting." ‘But when he still didn’t take any notice she told him he had a boring attitude to sex and she was fed up. ‘He went ballistic when he found out the name of the book she was reading and told her, “It’s all because you have been reading that bloody book”.’ The husband is admitting ‘unreasonable behaviour’ so the divorce can be granted quickly without a contested hearing in which his alleged low libido would be discussed in court. 50 Shades of Divorce: Wife 'inspired' by erotic book says husband failed to meet her expectations [DM] Fifty Shades Of Grey Leads Woman To Divorce Her Husband [NYDN]