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Municipalities Show Why They Need Money

States and other municipalities are making sure their desperate financial situation is heard in the most cost-effective way they know how- hiring more lobbyists. A total of $21.4 million was spent by municipalities during Q2, up close to 3% compared to Q1, on their collective begging efforts for the government's $300 billion cash grab allocated to state and local governments. After being told by the Big O that it's fruitless to send lobbyists to campaign for stimulus funds, municipal officials have advanced to the desperation phase and are trying to scare the government into sending more stimulus money by demonstrating that the lunatics are willing to bankrupt their various asylums even more. Had the administration simply agreed to dump all stimulus seekers into a cash cube/money blowing machine with $300 billion and let them settle this the rational way, millions in wasted lobbying spending could have been avoided.



Italians Decide Maybe They Don’t Need Banks

It's kind of cool that Italy can be a sumptuous cultural paradise and economic wasteland all at once.