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Music Still Playing For UBS

Having made it to the last round of the Jeopardy! Tax Evasion Tournament of Champions, UBS is taking its time to come up with the 52,000 responses to the Final Jeopardy answer 'This individual attempted to circumvent the US tax code and deny the IRS its inalienable right to their money by hiding assets with you'. While the US tax authorities have a deadline for submitting the names of the tax escapees of about a month a go, Swiss authorities are taking their time trying to hold onto some semblance of the secrecy that made them famous.
Settlement talks continue to spin in place in advance of the US's second attempt to face off against UBS in court on August 17th. On the off chance that date comes and goes without an agreement, the next time the two could find themselves in court is September 21. By then UBS might finally admit that the real reason for the delay stems from their invoking of the mercy rule and prohibiting the US from scoring any more legal victories against the bank until they can bring home one profitable quarter.