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Mystery Of Passed Out Guy On Bull Solved

In light of recent intern stories, we were hoping some financial institution would eventually claim the guy passed out on the bull last week. Sadly, it turns out it was an actor, Peter Killy, shooting a promotional poster for an indie movie called The Robber Barons of Wall Street. But the now far more famous actor did get a lesson in Wall St. compassion through the experience.

"I am slightly disturbed that this opportunistic photographer never bothered to see if I was dead or alive. I had my photographer and director there, they said a police car drove by and didn't even stop. That was the funniest part of all ... It was just like another day in the financial district."

On the topic of what he would have done if he had been an intern, Killy responded with a rhetorical, "I'd be wondering how long you have to stay there for somebody to actually stop and see if you are okay."
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