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News Corp's Advances In Executive Compensation Disclosure

As regulators around the world continue to wage war on executive compensation disclosure, former News Corp. COO Peter Chernin wound up just short of setting the new standard for comical obscurement in employment agreements. Want to know how his stock options measure up to Stanley O'Neal's? News Corp has "separately provided" that information to Chernin so there's no need to repeat themselves in the employment agreement. Curious about deferred compensation or even accrued vacation days? That too has been separately provided. In fact, the five occurrences of 'separately provided' in the 5-page agreement leave virtually every interesting compensation detail to the imagination. Every detail that is except the exact coordinates to confront Petey face-to-face about his stash of separately provided info. Should you want driving directions to Casa Chernin, News Corp has generously provided his address at the top of the agreement.
News Corp. on how to say nothing in so many words... [Footnoted]