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Opening Bell: 08.17.09

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U.S. Pay Czar Says He Can 'Claw Back' Exec Comp (Reuters)
Gird your loins, Lloyd: "I have the discretion, conferred upon by Congress, to attempt to recover compensation that has already been paid to executives not only in these companies, but in any company that received federal assistance," Feinberg said during his remarks. Asked if he could use that ability to target a firm like Goldman Sachs, Feinberg said: "Anything is possible under the law."
Citigroup May Shift Phibro Trader Hall's Pay to Stock From Cash (Bloomberg)
Odds of Hall Andrew Hall accepting the raw deal so Vikula and Co don't have to be in a bad spot with the Comp Cop, etc? Not good!
Barclays £30 million offer sparks City pay row (Telegraph)
The chippies are not happy about BarCap's attempt to woo JPMorgan commodity trader Todd Edgar and 4 of his JPM underlings with promises of "large bonuses paid in cash guarantees and deferred stock" along with Dick Fuld as an on-call butler.
UBS Tax Crackdown Widens To Hong Kong (WSJ)
In a statement Friday, U.S. Attorney Thomas P. O'Brien said the Justice Department and IRS were "aggressively pursuing those who shirk their federal tax obligations by hiding funds in secret bank accounts in Europe and Asia."
France Seeking Ban on Guaranteed Bonuses for Bankers (Bloomberg)
Zee frogs will pay guaranteed bonuses over Christine Lagarde's dead body.
Cuomo Seen Filing Suit Against Schwab (WSJ)
Chuck hasn't yet received anything officially but he did have this to say of Andy (via spokeswoman): "The attorney general's approach is inconsistent with the law, basic fairness, and common sense."
Hot sex no match for cold cash (NYDN)
A bunch of women polled said they'd rather save $50 a week than have more sex. Two things to consider: 1) it was an AOL poll and 2) it's possible they were given the choice of an extra fifty or specifically having to have sex with the gay model pictured.
There's Going To Be Hell To Pay When Steve Liesman Sees This (CNBC)