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Park The Car In Harvard Yard We're Going To A Party

Obviously, bold displays of ostentatious wealth, power, elitism, or exclusivity seem misplaced in the present environment. So much so that one wonders if, some years hence, we might not look back on this period as the "anti-too-big-to-fail" period. Or the "anti-big" period. Or the "anti-too" period. Or just a reactionary spasm of frothing (and highly communicable) anti-crowd rabidity.
Attacks on Goldman Sachs are routine (and quite a bit more potent than in prior years). Warren Buffett is a cheater (haven't you heard?) Institutions from the Federal Reserve to the Treasury to the SEC have been literally run through with vicious, biting (and potentially well-deserved) criticism from all corners. Just watching these goings on, you would think that, after rising above a certain strata, any inclination towards self-preservation would repress a lust for fame. Or any notice at all. Or... maybe not:

Harvard University, the world's richest school, licensed its name to a maker of designer clothes to take advantage of a taste for seersucker, khakis, loafers and other "preppy" attire.
The clothing line, labeled Harvard Yard, will be made by New York-based Wearwolf Group Ltd., which licensed the Cambridge, Massachusetts, school's name through its Verus Group subsidiary, Verus said today in an e-mailed statement. The financial terms weren't disclosed.

Well, at least they got this last part right. Regardless, we aren't so sure the timing was well played here...

"Harvard is the ideal -- the pinnacle," Wolf said. "When you think of modern prep, you think of New England and the Northeast. You think campus, quads, and you think Harvard."

...and Wolf obviously needs to get out more.
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