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Shia LaBeouf Stamford-Bound? (UPDATE)

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Supposedly Money Never Sleeps had a crew up at RBS last night doing "prep work" (as in walking through the space, not setting stuff up) for a few scenes that may be filmed on the bank's trading floor of the new building on Washington Boulevard. Not sure if this is a cash thing (the Queen's bitches could use somea that!) or if closeted Shia-lover Fred Goodwin struck a deal before peacing that no one could figure out how to get out of. For those of you incensed over not even being approached about using your facilities for the flick,* take heart! There may be an open casting call for extras at some point next month. Get an acting coach now, as the competition will be fierce, and riding in on a Zamboni with a Pope-mobile-esque enclosure.
*The Swiss love themselves some LaBeouf like the Germans love David Hasselhoff, so this is really rubbing it in their faces, with UBS just across the way.
Update: Sadly for the RBS'ers there will be no Shia up in Stamford. Sorry to get your hopes up, please direct complaints to the tipster who fucked up by telling us RBS when RBC was intended. Acronyms are hard.