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Someone Is Trying To Keep Melissa Francis And Amanda Drury Apart

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On Friday afternoon Melissa Francis put the word out there that Amanda Drury would be kicking off her three week stint stateside filling in for Larry Kudlow on The Call. Francis also promised, in the spirit of true sisterhood, that if a sufficient number of people tuned in, she'd let us know where Drury's staying during the visit. This morning we regrettably inform you that the dream of showing up to AD's hotel room and running into, among others, Charlie Gasparino, knocking on the door dressed as housekeeping, has been destroyed. At some point in the last 48 hours, someone over at the network decided that Amanda and the Druries would make their debut on Power Lunch, where they will remain through tomorrow, before popping over the The Call for the rest of the week while Francis is on vacation. Who exactly is trying to fuck with your universe? Unclear. While there are several theories being floated at this time, the most persistent one (in our heads) is that someone lobbied hard to have the competition right where she could see it. If anyone (MCC) has something to get off her chest, please do so at this time.