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Steve Cohen Is Ready to Laugh About TrannyGate (with Charlie Gasparino, Before He Kills Him)

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Sort of, though it could be a trap. Let's back the Zamboni up for a sec. If you asked us yesterday whether or not we thought enough time had passed that Papa Bear would be cool with you bringing up the whole on-site sex change operation that went down at SAC a couple years back, we would've said say, well, that depends on whether or not you're cool with having your junk placed in a deep fryer. If yes, proceed. Charlie Gasparino is apparently more than okay with the idea of having a crispy drumstick, which would explain his eagerness to broach the subject last night (in addition to the booze, obviously).
We're told by the Campagnola's moles we're now friends with after introductions by the local yokel were made that Chaz was dining and doing deals at the restaurant last night, like he does, as was Big Poppa, with, among others, Bo Dietl (for reasons unknown but possibly to see if he could get an in with Stephen Baldwin, who played BD in One Tough Cop: The Bo Dietl Story). Gaspo being "friends" with Dietl, went over to say hello. He wasn't planning on interrupting Stevie, who was feasting on a piece of veal, but Bo nudged the Big Guy and asked "Hey Steve, you know Charlie, right?" As you're aware, Chazza is not generally starstruck, he being a big ball of gas himself, but in that moment, he could barely speak. Sensing that this would be his one chance to tell the BG something he'd been dying to get off his chest, CG pulled it together and said, "I gotta tell ya, the best scoop I ever had was that story about your traders feeding each other da hormone pills."

Did the Grand High Pooh-bah finish chewing the piece of baby calf in his mouth, then motion for his body guard, who carries a gun with him, to take CG out, or to at least castrate him then and there, in an unintentional homage to Andrew Tong? Unfortunately, no. Instead he started "laughing and shaking his head" and told Chaz, "I'm in Stamford, I don't know what these guys in New York are doing," which may or may not have been an unspoken greenlight for anyone working out of the Madison Avenue office to go hog wild. Then Bo apparently added, several times, "Charlie, you better watch out for Stevie, he's half Italian," which we're pretty true is categorically false but regardless, was clearly a hint that CG will be making his final appearance on CNBC tonight before placed in a tank of formaldehyde on the trading floor as a warning to any employees "looking to get cute."