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Take Solace Jews!

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Yours wasn't the only religion thoroughly fucked by Ponzi-Boy (though you are apparently the fall-guys).

There's another religious group that was taken in by Bernard Madoff, one that's less well known than the Jewish community he so widely infiltrated: the Sufis.
A number of Sufis, who practice a mystical form of Islam, and Sufi groups on both US coasts entrusted millions of dollars to a California lawyer, Richard M. Glantz, who is a member of the Sufi community. He in turn placed their money with Madoff. The connection: Glantz, raised in a Jewish family, is the son of a New York accountant who had placed $88 million in client funds with Madoff.
For members of the Sufi community, the Madoff news came as a particular blow. A group whose traditions include embracing all religions, woodsy retreats, and meditative dancing, Sufis may have been overly trusting of Madoff, they now say, and unsophisticated about investing.
"I really believe it's a wake-up call,'' Linden said.

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