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The Administration's Interesting Take On Tax Evasion

If there is one thing the administration cannot stand it's folks who try to play jurisdictional tax arbitrage. The UBS incident proved there is a zero tolerance policy here for unpatriotic individuals who try to skirt their responsibilities with the tax man. However, it turns out there is somebody who can get away with tax evasion and is bold enough to not even try to hide it. The US embassy in London is currently delinquent to the tune of £3,446,420 from accrued traffic congestion fees it has run up ever since the city imposed the £8 fee.

The US embassy spokesman said: "Our policy on the congestion tax is a long-standing policy decided on by Washington. The US government's position is that this a tax and therefore is prohibited by various treaties."

It's good to see there are at least some tax agreements the administration does not have any issues with.
Obama's ambassador to London will not pay congestion charge backlog []