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The Next Time You Think About Undertaking A Food Eating Challenge...

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Be forewarned that your failures may be reported (copied and pasted) in venues other than Dealbreaker. When you puke on the desk, Times UK will be watching. When bow out after two fun size bag of chips with three hours to go, the Journal will be watching. And when you run to the men's room, doubled over in pain, AndyRS will be watching. Of course, they're probably not going to be as hard on you as us, but they will slip nasty little digs in about fear of a future financial system in your hands which I will not stand for. Only myself and your fellow readers are allowed to verbally abuse and defile you for being pussies, got it? Anyway, now that we know others are taking note, accept this as a sign it's time to step it up and out of the box, perhaps this afternoon.


First Food Eating Challenge Of 2013: Underway

It's another vending machine challenge and you know how we feel about those (too much time, not enough food, doesn't put hair on anyone's chest) BUT it does involve a contract (described as "amazing" by the half of Dealbreaker that was at one time licensed to practice law in New York), the terms of which state that in the event of a loss, the loser will pay for a lunch he's not invited to, so we've got award points for that.