The Next Time You Think About Undertaking A Food Eating Challenge...


Be forewarned that your failures may be reported (copied and pasted) in venues other than Dealbreaker. When you puke on the desk, Times UK will be watching. When bow out after two fun size bag of chips with three hours to go, the Journal will be watching. And when you run to the men's room, doubled over in pain, AndyRS will be watching. Of course, they're probably not going to be as hard on you as us, but they will slip nasty little digs in about fear of a future financial system in your hands which I will not stand for. Only myself and your fellow readers are allowed to verbally abuse and defile you for being pussies, got it? Anyway, now that we know others are taking note, accept this as a sign it's time to step it up and out of the box, perhaps this afternoon.


Does Your Next Food Eating Challenge Involve Binge Drinking Herbalife's Formula 1 Nutrition Shake?

As many of you know, around these parts we are constantly debating the merits of various financial services employees' food eating challenges. Historically, we've detracted points for allowing the participants far too much time to complete the task at hand (opening bell to close, might as well just make it limitless), an insufficient volume of food (a box of Munchkins, considered by many to be a snack), and lack of originality (vending machine challenges have been done). On the flip side, we've applauded creativity (an investment banker and 500 Starburst enter a room and there's a webcam involved),* obscene amounts of food and enough sugar to cause hyperglycemia (244 oysters, a cupcake of death), and topicality (the delicacy that is the Sausage Pancake Bite: yes! Double Downs: double yes!). Which brings us to this: the Herbalife Food Eating Challenge. New York Observer reporter Patrick Clark noticed that while the Herbalife story has been covered by many an angle so far (the blood-sucking pyramid scheme angle, the grandma angle, the Dan Loeb/UWS hedge fund manager on UWS hedge fund manager angle), the most important angle of all had yet to be explored: the actual ingesting of this stuff angle.