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The Scarlet Number

We are shocked, shocked to discover that mortgage servicers are not in any particular hurry to enact loan modifications.
Taking a page out of the pre-school handbook, the Treasury/White House have elected to shame the evil capitalist pigs into their proper charitable role in society. Hence, a list of the evil doers and the fraction of loan modifications offered and enacted are nailed up in the town square. No news yet on the status of the stocks being erected on L Street.
So, who's going to be sitting in the corner of Barney Frank's office? We're not sure of the exact threshold required for a caning by Mr. Frank (assume the position!) but you can be sure these three are going to get it:
Bank (% of eligible offered modifications)

Home Loan Services (0%)
National City (<1%)
Wachovia (3%)
List of Banks' Progress on Loan Modifications [The Wall Street Journal]


(marolse3 via eBay.)

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