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Three Million Students

One of the terms of the unwritten deal consummated between China and her citizens after several of them were shot, crushed by tanks, detained, executed or imprisoned in 1989, was that the party would remain in power, but the trappings of western life (internet porn and the appearance of prosperity in particular) would be permitted. Like any campaign (or post-massacre) promise, one expects real consequences only in the most dire of circumstances. Having said this, the downside for Chinese leadership isn't losing an election or being kicked out in a no-confidence vote. It is getting shot in the back of the head and having their organs sold for transplants before the by-products are ground up for poultry feed. Given this, it shouldn't surprise anyone that China is a bit concerned about the mounting problem of the jobless.

[Wang Yadong at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security] said 3% of the country's 66.5 million migrant workers had failed to secure work when they returned to the big cities from their villages after the Chinese New Year.
He added that one-third of last year's university graduates, three million former students, had not yet found employment.

Three million angry students. Uh oh.
Now, if only we could get distribution rights for Che-emblazoned t-shirts in Beijing....
China Jobless Pose 'Grave' Crisis [BBC News]