Today In Gorging Yourself For Sport


Food eating contest underway on the credit desk at Deutsche Bank. The attempt is being made by an "intern football player," who must eat his height in Subway sandwiches. 6 feet 6 inches in 45 minutes. Water allowed, must keep it down for 30 minutes. Halfway through, has 'til 12:30. We'll keep you posted.
Update: He'll score a mere $750 clams for successful completion of the challenge.
Update II: 5 done, 12 minutes to go.
Update III: "Slowing down. Not looking good."
Update IV: "Failed. 5.16 final count. Pot got up to somewhere near 3k."


Area Referees Gear Up For Getting Sh*t On By Sports Fans By Working In Finance M-F

Being told a colleague on the trading floor is going to rip out their eyes and piss in their skulls is actually really helpful when it comes to building up a tolerance for the threats that come with their side-gigs.