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Tough Day For Team Stanford

While Sir Allen's daughter, Randi, continues to fight against the "Gestapo-like" tactics the receiver in her father's case is using to smoke her out of her condo, ten former Stanford advisers are losing patience that their commissions are still frozen. The 10 self-described "innocent victims" who used to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in commission on those magical high-yielding CDs take issue with receiver Ralph Janvey's belief that $40 million in frozen advisor funds should be used to pay back their former clients. As for the man himself, prosecutors asked an appeals court to keep Stanford behind bars in his sweat box as he awaits trial.

"Stanford had extensive international contacts and minimal ties to Houston, faces the possibility of life in prison if convicted, maintained at least one secret Swiss bank account, and has realistic access to substantial resources either directly or through the support of others," the prosecutors argued.

The prosecutors must be really getting under Sir Allen's skin by now. First they deny him a jail with central air and now the flight risk issue has made him miss today's solemn occasion in Antigua commemorating their surrender to Stanford investors in the Mount Obama naming ceremony.