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What Gets Hank Paulson's Stomach Lining Going?

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The following anecdote is from a new profile in Vanity Fair by Todd Purdum, who sat down with the former Treasury Secretary at various points throughout his term.

Paulson paused. "Now let me ... I'll be there in one minute ... Let me just make a ... I have been, you know ... I finished this thing on Thursday night, flew over to Tokyo, flew back, and--"
And with that Paulson ducked into the private bathroom adjoining his office, closed the big paneled door, and audibly, violently, and repeatedly threw up. He emerged a moment later as if nothing had happened, but in a few minutes he did the same thing all over again. I asked if he wouldn't rather stop, and resume our conversation another time. "That's O.K.," he said. "I'm just going to go through this all. I won't remember it. You know, I barely remember the details now."

If you had to put your finger on it-- or down your throat-- what would you guess induced the audible vomiting scene above?
a. The Bald had recently completed a REAL vending machine contest, and as he is not a pussy, did so in a matter of thirty minutes, making the upchuck understandable, though regrettable nonetheless.
b. Bernanke had just asked his bro to "check out this growth and tell me if you think I should be worried."
c. He'd gotten wind of a sick rumor going around that this year's Goldman alumni mixer would not include the much-loved tea-bagging of passed out Lehman executives booth.
d. He was feeling fat.
e. In a horribly misguided attempt to ingratiate himself to the Secretary, Ken Lewis had sent HP shots of himself in various states of undress on the BAC trading floor.
f. Same as above but swap CG for KL, and drape some Italian deli meats across his loins.
g. your call.