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Who To Hide Your Money With Next

With the decline in global government tax receipts severe enough for regulators to get serious about reducing your options for keeping money away from the tax man, a new leader in tax games is emerging. The country with one of the highest tax rates in the world, Denmark, has seen an exponential rise recently in those looking to make their respective governments earn their tax dollars by catching them. Even though Nordic countries have been supportive of the ongoing clamp down, a local tax accountant, Christen Amby, highlighted the ease of stashing cash in the home of butter cookies.

"It's my impression that Denmark has become a popular way station for tax evasion - partly because it's easy to set up a business and also because we don't have a practice of controlling who the final receiver of funds is"

So by making some slight modifications to the Swiss flag, the tax haven torch is passed to another land of red and white.


Italians Forced To Go Farther Afield To Hide Money

The Swiss are helping their neighbors fight tax evasion. (Which is kind of rich.)