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Write-Offs: 08.27.09

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$$$The Most Powerful Banker You've Never Heard Of [BW]
$$$Hassan Nemazee's about to come into some money. [Cityfile]
$$$ Alternatives to Sarkozy's pay caps [The Deal]
$$$Merrill Lynch Seething With Anger Over Treatment Of Dan Sontag [BI]
$$$Racketeering 101: Bailed Out Banks Threaten Systemic Collapse If Fed Discloses Information [ZH]
$$$ SHIA LaBEOUF NOT RBS-BOUND. We *love* our tipsters, but a tip for giving 'em to us? Letters are tricky! Make sure to double-check. (Money Never Sleeps was at RBC last night, not RBS, and will start filming there in November. Employees are being offered roles as extras.)